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Energise your holiday with a dash of fitness and a healthy dose of cleansing detox, perfectly balanced with inspiring destinations and refreshing optional activities. Whether your aim is to get fit, weight loss or simply fun, we have a fitness holiday to suit you, many with NO single supplements.

Shake up your routine

Fitness is about more than just losing weight.

It's about testing your physical and mental limits and listening to your body, learning new techniques to overcome your weaknesses and reach personal bests, and – most importantly – sharing laughter, stories and much-deserved, healthy meals with others after a hard workout together.

Hands-on fitness boot camps, detox retreats and fitness holidays let you experience all of that in breathtaking destinations around the world.

And with professional personal trainers, lifelong fitness buffs and qualified dietitians helping motivate your workouts and plan your meals, you'll return equipped with a new mindset and healthy outlook on life.

Get toned on the beaches of Spain during a fitness boot camp, or build strength and agility in the rolling Tuscan hills of Italy. Pump out reps and run coastal trails in untamed Malta, or reset your diet with a luxury detox retreat in far-off Thailand or sunny Alicante.

Whether your goal is to lose those last few stubborn pounds, shake up your current fitness routine or simply rejuvenate with a bit of beach, exercise and sun, a detox and fitness retreat is up to the challenge.

You can even cross train your body and your mind by combining your fitness holiday with another passion, like yoga or meditation.

Whatever your aims, you can find detox and fitness holidays that improve your overall health and help you escape the daily grind alongside other passionate people. Never settle for ordinary.

Who are our fitness holiday guests?

Fitness buffs, those who have never lifted a dumbbell, holistic eaters – everyone is welcome in the studios, gyms and homes of our fitness and detox hosts.

You'll meet people of all ages and nationalities, from solo travellers to couples to friends. Some are looking to reset their diets or reach weight loss goals, others are escaping the madness of their 9-to-5 lives.

Others still have never set foot in a gym, while some just want a holiday with a bit of exercise, plenty of beach time and a glass of wine.

All that's required is a passion for wellbeing, a desire to be your best self and a refusal to be boxed in.

Is this you? It looks like you.

Thousands of people have already discovered that our eclectic mix of detox and fitness holidays are as diverse as the people who go on them. Come and join them.

Guest reviews

"Amazing experience at the retreat. I learnt a lot about nutrition and healthy living. Spa treatments were lovely and booking was top class." Agnieszka, Poland

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