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Tangier, Tetouan, Morocco

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About the location

Dedicated to teaching Arabic language courses since 2004, this friendly Arabic language school is situated in downtown Tetouan, a recognised UNESCO site in northern Morocco. Located within 60km of Tangier and the seaport in Spain, Tetouan provides excellent transport links for international flights and travel within Morocco and Spain.

Built by Spanish moors from Granada five centuries ago, the small size of Tetouan allows students to become integrated and immersed in the Muslim community and local culture which is famous in Morocco for its generosity and tolerance.

You will also be able to enjoy the nearby excellent Mediterranean beaches, evergreen Rif Mountains, the 500 year old Medina and the city’s ‘Andalucian’ style buildings. Tetouan is perfectly located for those looking to learn Arabic in Morocco in rich cultural surroundings. The history of Tetouan as a Mediterranean port and sanctuary for Muslim and Jewish refugees from Andalusia, Spain is evident in its architecture. Arabic is the official language here, but Spanish and French are also commonly spoken.

Your Arabic lessons will take place in the well equipped language school and outside of the classroom the latest audio-visual materials, modern language labs, wireless internet and an Arabic book library are all readily available to students.

Go learn to speak Arabic at this excellent Arabic language school in centre of Tetouan, Morocco, and brush up on your linguistic skills on an Arabic language holiday.

- City centre location
- Closely located to Tangier airport and seaports
- A city with a small town feel and rich local culture
- Well equipped classrooms
- Modern language labs
- Latest audio-visual material
- Wireless internet access
- Book library
- Many facilities nearby including the Medina, a World Cultural Heritage site
- Offers a host of optional social & cultural activities

Tetouan has always been known for its capacity to integrate new cultural elements. As a result of this cultural blend people from all over the world feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable regardless of their cultural, racial or religious backgrounds. Study abroad students may run into the same problems as those encountered anywhere else in the world, such as petty crime. Consequently, you will need to exercise caution while travelling and sightseeing. If anyone becomes particularly persistent, rude, or difficult to avoid, bring them to someone else’s attention. Moroccans are more than willing to intervene when they see someone in need of help.