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A (Tiger) Jolles, Seattle, USA - Oct 2019

This is the third time that I have brought clients to Grasse for the Perfume Making holiday as part of a week long women’s retreat. The hotel is clean and lovely. . Grasse is beautiful and interesting to explore. And finally, the perfume making course is wonderful, educational and fun!

C Sin, UAE - Mar 2019

Hotel staffs were nice and helpful. Instructor were experienced and knowledgeable. Room slippers in the room would be appreciated as floors can be cold to feet.

L Price, Taunton, England - May 2018

Was a great experience. We weren't rushed at any point which made it very relaxing.

J Andrea(Tiger), Seattle, USA - Apr 2018

We really enjoyed the perfume course and also the hotel. Our only criticism was that the hotel did not serve dinner on the weekends-- which seemed odd! Thank you for all your help along the way! We would love to come back! Tiger

S Salemi, Zurich, Switzerland - Dec 2017

The hotel was very clean and nice. The staff were very kind and friendly. I did 2 days perfume courses and stayed two extra nights in Grasse. I could make my own perfume and a home fragrance. My tutor was really a good teacher and a kind and friendly person. She could speak English fluently and I faced no problem not knowing French. I enjoyed the course very much. Grasse however was very boring small town. Except the perfume shops and historical museums there was not much to see in this town. In conclusion; it was a great experience with a lot of sniffing and fun.

J Bailey King, Wigan, U.K. - Aug 2017

P PHIPPS, oxford, UK - May 2017

The information on how to reach the hotel by public transport needs updating. The hotel is not in walking distance from town. The directions to the perfume studio are confusing - they lead us to the factory not the studio. Perfume course was amazing - great tuition and staff were very attentive.

Reply from Supplier: Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. We are sorry the directions were not accurate. We have taken your feedback on board and the directions and distances are now up to date. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your perfume course!

J Mitchell, Nottingham, United Kingdom - May 2016

Wonderful experience with something to keep for ever

J Walker, Loughborough, United Kingdom - Jun 2015

Hotel was nice - staff really friendly and helpful. We did 2 perfume courses - personal and home fragrance- our tutor was really lovely, spoke English and German fluently as well as her native French (we can do all 3 too, so any words not clear were soon sorted!). Grasse however was very disappointing- quite small centre and loads of housing - and 1 dodgy area which we accidentally went too - not nice. Check the buses BEFORE you go - they were the reverse of what we'd been told and we could have ended up in Cannes! You need the 500 from the airport to Grasse, and the 600 fron Grasse to the hotel. Would suggest adding this experience in to your already-fixed holiday rather than all the travel just for the perfume making.

M Powell, Callahan, USA - May 2015

They actually offered 3 courses not just the 2 I took and I wish I had known about the aromatherapy course but I could not signup for it on site as the instructor was on holiday. It would be a good idea to include a general map of Grasse locating the hotel and course site. The hotel did not have a number in their address so we could not enter it in the GPS

M Hussein Nasser, Janyabya, Bahrain - Jun 2014

The school staff is amazing and they are very helpful .. we learned alot and we will recommend this course. One comment is the transportstion to the hotel was a bit difficult there were no rexis .

C Ngiam, Singapore , Singapore - Jan 2014

The workshop was enjoyable, and informative - personnel were helpful in accommodating our unusual timings due to our travel schedule.Small snacks provided during breaks in the course were appreciated and the small bottle of champagne at the end - warm thanks to Natalie, our fragrance instructor

a blair, bern, Switzerland - Sep 2013

I had an excellent time at the perfume school and my tutor Anna was absolutely amazing. She deserves special credit for her commitment to making the experience unforgettable.

A Tran, Sturt, Australia - Apr 2013

This has inspired me to go learn to make perfume!

J Grisman, London, United Kingdom - Feb 2013

I had a fantastic time making my perfume and room fragrance in Grasse! The team at the perfume school were really knowledgable and friendly, and the Hotel Mecure was a great hotel for the course. All my friends want to go on the holiday now after smelling my room fragrance!

M Ayeb, Geneva, Switzerland - Oct 2012

The experience was great and amazing. It was like a trip that wakens your senses. The staff were very friendly and passionate about what they do!

A Jolles, Seattle, USA - Oct 2012

We really enjoyed both the accomodations and the classes in perfume making. I'd love to come again and bring more clients! Thank you...

B Bellanfonte, Oakes, United Kingdom - Jul 2012

Well I am without words, the service I received from Galimard excellent I found the course an absolute treat and fascinating 10/10. Then there is the hotel hospitality like the school excellent. As for GoLearnTo can I give a big thank you to Jane very helpful and always there to answer any queries!


Very enjoyable, friendly staff and comfortable accomodation. Highly recommended.

T Grinlinton, Compton, United Kingdom - Nov 2011

It was an incredible holiday :) the 3 star hotel was quaint, clean and quiet, only problem was I couldn't use the pool as it wasn't heated (could help if this info was on the website). The restaurant had incredibly good food and friendly hotel staff. Could have had more course notes to take back.

S Redondo, Geneva, Switzerland - Oct 2011

Truly inspiring experience :) loved it. Perfume Tutors were very welcoming. I´ve specially apreciated the wonderfull Tutor I had on the Perfume creation day. Concerning GoLearnTo, great initiatives and profesional support, thank you. Best regards, SR