Surf course in Biarritz

Basque, Biarritz, France

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Go learn to surf on the legendary ‘Côte des Basques’ beaches, at France’s first surf school. Born out of passion for the ocean and surfing, over the past 50 years, this surf school has perfected teaching surf techniques that will have you up on your board in no time.

The experienced and passionate surf instructors are all highly qualified and hold a national safety certificates to ensure you receive high quality tuition during your surfing lessons.

On your first day, you will be kitted out with a surf board and wet suit suitable for your level of surfing experience.

Once you have your gear, you'll hit the beach to start your surf lessons with a demonstration and training on the sand. You’ll also be taught how to check the surf spot by learning how to read the wind, currents and waves before getting into the water.

This learn to surf course is ideal for both beginners or those looking to improve their surf style and experience the surf capital of Biarritz on their next holiday to France.

- Surf lessons are suitable for all levels of surfing experience
- Minimum age 10
- You must be able to swim at least 25 metres

Surf course start days
- Surf lessons start on any day from April to November

Surf course schedule
- You will have 1.5 hours of surf lessons per day
- Lesson times vary depending on the wave conditions, it is important to check the start times with the surf school 24 hours in advance of the start date of your course
- Surf lessons are structured to ‘check the spot’, train on the beach and then hit the water

What will I learn during the surfing lessons?
- All lessons will include the surfing basics according to your level such as surfing theory, water safety, surfing techniques, surf etiquette and wave selection
- Surfing lessons will include coastline knowledge, rips, local conditions, safety issues, weather forecasts and more
- As a beginner you will learn how to handle a board, how to paddle, catch white waves, pop up on the board and standing up in the foam
- As an intermediate surfer, certified surf instructors will work with you improve your surfing techniques, such as, perfecting your style, duck diving, cut backs, front side and back side turns and more
- As an advanced surfer the surf instructors will work with you to develop your own personal surfing style and improve your surf skills

Surfing equipment
- You will be kitted out in top quality Billabong wet suits and surfboards
- The surf instructor will help you to select the best board for your level and surf conditions

Weather and surf conditions
- For safety reasons, your surfing lessons will only be given during low tide so please be sure to check the start time of each lesson with the surf school in advance of arrival
- If the waves are too ‘fat’ in Biarritz, your lessons will take place at Hendaye beach, 20 minutes away, and transport will be included

Get more from your holiday, have fun, hang ten, meet new people and take home a new sporting skill that will stay with you forever.